I am a web developer and designer currently residing in Berlin. My main area of interest is building website for clients in art / personal growth / education sectors, to be able to support them with a quality web presence which doesn’t break the bank.

My involvement in web front-end development and design goes all the way back to the times of Netscape Navigator and Altavista.

Initially self-taught, I crafted websites for my hometown’s local artists and eventually got into bigger projects such as a Bed & Breakfast website and a corporate website for a company I worked at.

When I moved to the UK in 2006 I looked at stepping up my skills and decided to attend a professional website developer course and NITLC in Newark. I have been working full-time as a front-end developer since 2012.

My main skills:

  • html(5)
  • css (sass)
  • jQuery
  • wordpress (customized development, ecommerce)
  • adobe creative suite
  • responsive web (bootstrap, foundation, skeleton)

Other skills: gulp, svn, c# razor, photography (sony dslr enthusiast).

Check out my linkedin profile for even more details. And please do get in touch if you need some web related work done.